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Senegal is a unique combination of good weather, culture, architectural heritage and natural attractions. This alchemy has given rise to the extraordinary aura of a universal and authentic country, whose exceptional value is demonstrated by the inclusion of many of its sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

From town to town, from village to village, the atmosphere follows on from one another, complementing one another without resembling one another, with a long-lasting tradition of smiling, openness to the world and the natural hospitality with which we welcome our guests.

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The land of Teranga.


Superb colonial architecture in this town at the tip of the Cape Verde peninsula. Admire Independence Square, the presidential palace, the colorful Kermel market, the cathedral… Board the longboat for Gorée Island. A 15-minute crossing takes you to Gorée, the pearl of Cape Verde. This island will fascinate you with its pastel-colored houses. Gorée is also a unique place, steeped in history, bearing witness to the slave trade and slavery. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The highlight of this excursion will be a visit to the Slave House, with its moving account of the history of the slave trade. Come and succumb to the charm of the narrow streets, filled with people who care about their differences.

Pink Lake

North of Dakar lies one of Senegal’s wonders: a lake with a pinkish hue that deepens with the action of the sun’s rays. This phenomenon is due to the presence of microscopic algae at the bottom of the lake, which oxidizes the iron contained in the salt water: Senegal’s dead sea. Lac rose is also home to numerous villagers who collect salt, grow vegetables and raise livestock…

Bandia reserve

Discover a true ecological success story: the Bandia reserve. This magnificent 700-hectare park features flora and fauna typical of the African savannah. A three-hour mini safari will take you through this little jewel, where you’ll come face-to-face with numerous free-ranging species: birds, patas monkeys, gazelles, giraffes, ostriches, Buffon’s cobs, antelopes, cape elands, rhinoceroses, savannah buffalo, giant tortoises, reptiles and many more. The tour is led by experienced guides who will pass on their knowledge and passion for African wildlife, and the history of the Serer pyramids and baobab tombs in the reserve.

Renaissance Monument

If you’re traveling through West Africa, and Senegal in particular, don’t miss the African Renaissance monument. As soon as you enter the Senegalese capital, you’ll easily spot this statue in the commune of Ouakam. Built on one of the twin hills overlooking Dakar, the monument stands 52 m high. Access the top of the complex, and you’ll enjoy a splendid view of Senegal’s marvellous coastline. The infinite blue evolves unperturbed, except for the horizon which seems to be asking it to stop. You’ll also enjoy an impressive view of the capital. An absolute must.

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